Drink an apple!

Whole juice premium Hungarian cider with no artificial additives.
Tasting this is like drinking pure apple.



The product


A vast variety of delicious apples are grown in Hungary. Our cider is made of a blend of assorted apples, whose sugar-acid ratio guarantees the tasty end result.

After pressing and fermenting the carefully selected apples, we back-sweeten our apple wine and fill it into 330ml bottles. This is followed by a process of secondary fermentation and maturation to create fizziness.

The sediment at the bottom of the bottle is the natural result of the bottle-fermentation process.

Our cider is blended to highlight the natural characteristics of the crisp and fresh apples from which it is made.

Czider comes in two types: dry and semi-sweet

ABV 7%



We had a great idea in 2010: Let’s make Hungarian cider!


There are two of us behind the product: Orsi (economist) and Kata (psychologist). We left our corporate careers behind to make our dream come true.

Having been a cider lover for years, the idea came from Orsi during a cider tasting event, back in 2010. Implementing the idea, however, did not happen overnight: starting with self-education online and from English professional literature, followed by trial production runs. The end result spoke for itself. Although friends and family are inherently biased, all feedback was positive.

During one of these tasting events, Kata fell in love with the Czider project and decided to join Orsi. We took the next big step together. We founded our own company and converted a country house in Vértesboglár into a cider making plant. Shortly after, Orsi travelled to the heart of cider-making in England, Herefordshire, where she learned the ins and outs of traditional cider-making from a high-profile craftsperson. By the end of 2012, the first big batch of cider was fermenting in Vértesboglár, and Czider became available for the public in March 2013.

We spent the next seven years improving the technology and the recipe, whilst producing larger quantities each year to make cider available for a wider range of consumers.

By 2019 we outgrew the small plant in Vértesboglár so we started to search for a new location.


We found our new home in the Zala hills right next to a big apple tree plantation. The opportunity came along partly because we won an EU tender, and so work started on increasing capacity and improving production technology. The time-consuming manual work is now replaced by modern machines, therefore we have more time to prioritise more important things.

We have stayed true to our roots by fermenting premium quality ciders and filling each and every bottle with love and care.

We are continuously experimenting to create new and exciting blends.

Our goal remains the same from the beginning: being a pioneer in introducing the culture of enjoying natural cider in Hungary.

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Send us your feedback to info@czider.hu

You may buy Czider directly from our plant in Gelse

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Monday-Friday: 8am-3.30pm




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